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Grandmother Funk – 2 New Trackz Online

November 3, 2010

Electrogrib’s Homegrown band “Grandmother Funk” is bringing 2 fresh songs out!
The tracks are very different, the first one “Peace,Friendship,Bubblegum” is a sunny disco-club-anthem ,followed with a beautifull downtempo2drumnbass ballad “Rainman”

Grandmother Funk – Peace, Friendship, Bubblegum!

Granmother Funk – Rainman


Mister Scream ^ New Generation of EG

May 17, 2010

Somewhere in Garath, a russian ghetto inside of german Metropole D├╝sseldorf, lives a guy, who is just different. Instead of, as his “gangsta” neighbours, seeking for stress in the street, his just producing electronic musik. And that music is such real cool electro-shit, that Mr.Scream is now one of most played EG-Producers and we are proud to present some of his tracks here.

His newest work, a track called “So Sexy” is a real-club-burner, for everyone who likes Electro,Trash,French,NuRave,whatever..As Foraver played that track @ W R LCTRC all of us understood, that really kicks ass:) SO try it too:)

Mr.Scream – So Sexy

Also you can listen to some of his older trackz 2009-2010, one of them is his crazy glitch-work

Mr.Scream – 90s Mindfuck

and one of his best remixes for Grandmother Funk’s “DJs Are Shit”

Grandmother Funk – DJs Are Shit(Mr.Scream Remix)

For some more Scream’s trackz and other informations you can visit his homepage or write us, all messages will be delivered to Mister S.:)


Jean-Jaques Napass 2010

March 9, 2010

One of the most talented Musicians of Electrogrib brings out nu trackz like a machine. Perhaps his sound is not so clean and good-mastered as made by some other EG-Guys,but the Music of J.J.Napass is really something beautiful beyound all styles and definitions.

This time we present his indie-ballad ,produced at the beginning of 2010 (real undeground,the vocals were recorded with his webcam:)

J.J.Napass – …And What’s Your Name?

(next time you can get the remix-pack and the new reworked version by GMF)

His also still producing different independent dance Trackz and Remixes ,each one with own style, such like

J.J.Napass – Electricity

Gorillaz – Feel Good(J.J.Napass Bootleg)

and his friend and the second part of Grandmother Funk – Ivan Le Mutant has also produced a rework of one of the first Napass’s ­čśë trackz “Impossible

J.J.Napass – Impossible (Le Mutant Rework)

To get more Trackz of J.J.Napass visit his homepage>



February 10, 2010

Electrogrib und OstAnders Crew pr├Ąsentieren einen Musiksampler der russischen Musikproduzenten in Deutschland – “OST ANDERS Compilation vol.1”. Die Mp3-Sammlung ist in 3 Teile geteilt: PartI – Rock,Pop&Funk, Part II – Elektronik Mjuzik und Part III – HipHop. Auf dem Sampler sind unter anderem solche EG-K├╝nstler wie Le Mutant,Gobox,Mr.Scream,J.J.Napass,GMF und andere vertreten. Insgesamt findest du mehr als 50 Trackz und vershiedene Informationen ├╝ber die Bands drauf. Der Sampler als CD ist nur f├╝r 2 eur bei: zu haben und dient der Verbreitung der alternativen russischen Musikszene in Deutschland.

Hier schon mal 2 H├Ârproben:

Part I – Rock,Pop&Funk – Promosampler

PartII – Elektronik Mjuzik – Promosampler


Superswitch – R.U.S.H. EP (incl. Jean Taes & Le Mutant RMX)

September 28, 2008

Obwohl Superswitch a.k.a. Naj in der letzten Zeit weniger als DJ auf den Partys zu sehen ist, geht seine Arbeit im Homestudio unaufhaltsam fort. Wie Electrogrib-Leute schon wissen, ist die Musik von Superswitch eigentlich nie mit einer konkreten Richtung des elektronischen Spektrums vergleichbar,aber diese Musik hat immer Seele und Sinn,was hinter dem Rhythmus und der Melodie steckt. Die neue Arbeit von Superswitch – “R.U.S.H.” ist eine electro/break/funk Mischung, mit frischen Remixen von Jean Taes und Ivan Le Mutant.

Superswitch – RUSH EP
Year: 2008
Style: electro , breakz, funk

Superswitch – R.U.S.H. (OST Cut)
Superswitch – R.U.S.H. (Jean Taes Bad Ass Groove Remix)
Superswitch – R.U.S.H. (Le Mutant’s Space4Funk Mix)


Progga – 400m EP(incl. E-Lya and Pretender Rmx)

September 28, 2008

Progga haben mit Ihren LiveActs die alte gute Bedeutung von “progressive” wiederbelebt, aber mit diesem Release wandern sie mehr in techhouse/minimal Richtung, die Trackz bleiben aber immer noch sehr melodisch und tragen Licht und Hoffnung mit sich. Release ist au├čerdem fetiggef├╝llt mit Remixen von E-Lya und Pretender.

Progga – 400m EP
Style: techhouse, prog, trance
Year: 2008

Progga – 400m
Progga – Es Gibt Niemand (E-Lya Remix)
Progga – Es Gibt Niemand
Progga – I’m The Coldest(Light Mix)
Progga – I’m The Coldest(Original Trance Mix)
Progga – I’m The Coldest(Pretenders Oldschool Mix)


Sure with Mutant – Relative EP

August 27, 2008

Neue Zusammenarbeit von Sure und Ivan Le Mutant. minimal / deep with soul.

Sure with Mutant – Relative EP
Year: 2008
Style: minimal/deep

1. Sure with Mutant – Everything’s Relative
2. Sure with Mutant – Lost Love