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Jean-Jaques Napass 2010

March 9, 2010

One of the most talented Musicians of Electrogrib brings out nu trackz like a machine. Perhaps his sound is not so clean and good-mastered as made by some other EG-Guys,but the Music of J.J.Napass is really something beautiful beyound all styles and definitions.

This time we present his indie-ballad ,produced at the beginning of 2010 (real undeground,the vocals were recorded with his webcam:)

J.J.Napass – …And What’s Your Name?

(next time you can get the remix-pack and the new reworked version by GMF)

His also still producing different independent dance Trackz and Remixes ,each one with own style, such like

J.J.Napass – Electricity

Gorillaz – Feel Good(J.J.Napass Bootleg)

and his friend and the second part of Grandmother Funk – Ivan Le Mutant has also produced a rework of one of the first Napass’s 😉 trackz “Impossible

J.J.Napass – Impossible (Le Mutant Rework)

To get more Trackz of J.J.Napass visit his homepage>