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Mister Scream ^ New Generation of EG

May 17, 2010

Somewhere in Garath, a russian ghetto inside of german Metropole Düsseldorf, lives a guy, who is just different. Instead of, as his “gangsta” neighbours, seeking for stress in the street, his just producing electronic musik. And that music is such real cool electro-shit, that Mr.Scream is now one of most played EG-Producers and we are proud to present some of his tracks here.

His newest work, a track called “So Sexy” is a real-club-burner, for everyone who likes Electro,Trash,French,NuRave,whatever..As Foraver played that track @ W R LCTRC all of us understood, that really kicks ass:) SO try it too:)

Mr.Scream – So Sexy

Also you can listen to some of his older trackz 2009-2010, one of them is his crazy glitch-work

Mr.Scream – 90s Mindfuck

and one of his best remixes for Grandmother Funk’s “DJs Are Shit”

Grandmother Funk – DJs Are Shit(Mr.Scream Remix)

For some more Scream’s trackz and other informations you can visit his homepage or write us, all messages will be delivered to Mister S.:)